Birds - Cam Kahin


Visual ideas on blocking, colours, and feelings for the birds music video.


Cult Community
Cast dresses alike, giving a sense of community/laws

Having an exaggerated belief in one’s importance, sometimes reaching delusoinal proportions / manic

Blocking / Framing
Love the blocking and camera framing, as well as the attention to details within these scenes. The static camera movement emphasizes the weight of the song. 

Still tentative, but my idea was that Cam is somehow needed, or is acting out that disrupts this community. Although they may dress and look a certain way, it is still modern times, hence hiring a swat like team to bring Cam to their sanctuary. Once brought in, they strip Cam of any possessions, and evaluate him. What they do with Cam is really up for debate, but I envisioned a ceremony of sorts, or a way to “cleanse” Cam. 

Cam Kahin · Birds